Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Friends and Family,

It is so hard to be so far away from all of you on this holiday, especially in a country that does not celebrate Thanksgiving. Everything goes on as usual on that Thursday!

We are so blest to have our daughter, Melissa here with us for Thanksgiving. Our friends, Madge and Steve, gave up their Thanksgiving with their family to help make ours easier, and we are so grateful.

We have so much to thank God for during this season, but, most of all, we want to say thank you to all of you who have prayed for us, supported us and kept us going during these first few months of our adventure. We are here because of that support, and we pray that God will bless you on your journeys and that our paths will remain intersected!

Today, we want to share the beauty of this country with you through a few photos. For this beauty and the peace and the repose it brings, we give much thanks to God!

Alta Gracia and her 2 day old baby, Omar.

"Listen to the song the Angels sang on the day you were born"

The Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo

"Happiness is not tomorrow. Happiness is Now!"

Bayahibe, Dominican Republic...Isla Saona

"Nothing has changed except my attitude and so everything has changed!"

The view from our walk to the Batey every morning.

"Extend your arms in welcome to the future, the best is yet to come"

Sunset view from our roof...

"How rich are Nature's songs. How deep her silence"

Another view from our see why we seek peace on the roof!

"Only look and someday you will see!"

The incredible beauty of God's keeps us going. Carmelita.

"God cannot be seen. He can be recognized".

All quotes have been taken from Anthony De Mello's Book, Wellsprings.

Happy Thanksgiving with love and gratitude, Cindy and Greg


Merlein said...

Greg and Cindy, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your new friends. I count myself so lucky to be among your friends here at St. Lukes. My mother always said I'd be known by the company I keep and I pray she is right!May Christmas and the New Year bring you continued good health,safety and blessings. God is watching you and smiling. Love, Merlein

Liz Eager said...

Cindy and Greg,
We are so grateful to have you in the Response-Ability family. Thank you for the hope you are sharing with all of us through this blog. Can't wait to see you tomorrow,

Ryan said...

HI Guys,

You are in my prayers often. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures from that area under not-so-beautiful circumstances.

I pray for your safe travels over the Christmas holiday!


punkybrewster77 said...

What a wonderful blog you have...always a reminder of how blessed we are. We're glad to hear that you are both staying safe, while learning, growing, and most of all-lending your strength to others. You are both in our prayers. Our hearts our smiling because of your amazing work for the Lord. We love you both!
Love, Todd and Marnia

Al said...

Thank you for shining so bright! Answer the call, love always, laugh frequently and return safely. We miss you deeply.

liz eager said...

Thanks for the update, Cindy and Greg. A community center...what a gift! As always, I love the pictures that capture the spirit of the people in Lecheria. Thanks.