Sunday, May 18, 2008

Top Ten Reasons We Love the Dominican Republic

10. Music concerts can happen in your backyard at any time

9. Work can still be fun

8. Food is still gathered the "old fashioned" way

7. It's a lovely place for family and friends to visit (always entertaining)

6. The look of love can be found in the eyes of those we meet everyday

5. Kids still use their imagination

4. Superheroes are not hard to find

3. Vroom, Vroom...

2. Young "cowboys" dream of riding the wide, open range (bareback, of course)

...And the #1 reason we love the Dominican Republic:

We live on a tropical island!


Sandy Hinkle said...

Hi every one! I just wanted you to know that I keep you close in my heart and prayers. I truly miss the Batey and you Cindy, Greg and Sister Anita.
I would like very much to come back and will work on learning the Espanol.
Take care, God Bless
Sandy Hinkle

Arnold said...

I need to make my newphews some of those state-of-the-art Citgo cars. Only problem is I hear they take alot of oil...
Have a safe trip.