Monday, March 7, 2011

Water Flowing in Lechería!

It was a great week, although very tiring. Cindy and I did a lot of work ahead of time to get everything ready for our St. Luke team to return to the batey, Lechería. When we got there, we met up with a group from New Jersey and with a group from “Water Is Life”, a non-profit organization.

With the help of the Water Is Life guys, we coordinated with the local people to lay pipes for water throughout the community. By the time we left all the pipes were laid!

Another group from Our Lady of Good Counsel in Pompton Plains, N.J., went down this week to help cover the pipes and start the water running. It is quite a miracle to have running water through the community. Up until now, the people have had to walk a mile to the river to wash their clothes or walk a half mile to the pump and fill up jugs to carry back to their house. Now they will have water right outside their doors!

We also worked with groups of women who are continuing to make jewelry and sock dolls.

The amazing thing was the younger girls who are coming and wanting to is hopeful that we can get them into something to earn an income since jobs for women are scarce.

We were able to bring with us a donated autoclave (steam sterilizer) for cleaning medical equipment. We barely got it through customs, but it will help the clinic there to achieve licensing from the country’s public health department. (That’s Cindy in the picture)

We also did some repairs and “beautification”.

Most importantly, we touched and were touched by the people of Lechería. Their spirit of survival and reliance on God are always amazing. They are the reason we return regularly. Thank you for helping us show them that someone cares.

(Left) Greg with the Lechería community team

(Right) Baby Gregorio (yep, named after Greg)


Greg & Cindy

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Carmella Eaglin said...

I'm certain that the people of Lecheria are quite thankful for your help. Not only were you able to bring clean water to their homes, but saved them from bacterial infections due to unsterilized medical instruments through that autoclave. It will be a big help for their hospital.