Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Visit 2011

Day 1: Our readings this morning were about asking for a sign...and I remembered all the times here that I felt God was missing and asked for a sign and how often He did not rebuke me and went ahead and sent one....and then I remembered Jose. One of my teachers here. Paralyzed, dying in a dirty bed covered in flies. We decided to take him to the hospital and I was sure God would take care of him. We went from one hospital to the next and no one would see him- "He is dirty" "This is a clean hospital". I felt abandoned by God as we brought Jose home to die in his filthy one room shack. I could not understand where He (God) was. As I said goodbye to Jose, I looked into his eyes and I found God. God was not in the hospital, but in the broken, dying body of Jose. As I walked out the door , I heard Jose whisper, "Recuerda me, Cindy, Recuerda me". Remember me, Cindy, remember me. I needed to remember that today. God is never where we think He is, but always somewhere.

Cholera is coming back here. We are trying to be extra careful. It is hard to have to sneak around the corner and wash my hands after every handshake and hug.
Today we saw Adela-3 years ago some of St. Luke's donations went to help her get catarract surgery. She looked great and had big hugs for us. We have not seen her since we left. Your love at work....alive and well.

I found out about friends recently diagnosed with AIDS. A new set of twins were born last night ( one is still in the hospital). Crying one minute, laughing the next. That's what this place does to you. Lots of hugs, holding new babies, listening to their stories and crying with them, then laughing with them.

We are so blest to be able to spend this 2 weeks here. I am never the same when I leave here. Hopefully, I can bring back some of those blessings to you, my friends and family who hold us up and send us forth.

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